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Rotavator is a rotary tillage implement drive by PTO (Power take of) which cuts, Pulverizes, Mixes and Level the soil in singele Pass, Rotovator can be the most economically and effectively be used by replacing 1 Tine Tiller 2 Disc harrow 3 Puddler and 4 Levelers.


  • Rotarator can used in any type and texture of soil.
  • Rotrvator can be used for any type of crop especially for uprooting. The stubbles of sugar cane, Cotton, Banana and Jowar etc.
  • Tiller and Harrow are draught Implements, which causes excess strain, wear and tear on Tractor tyres, Leading to hard Pan formation.
  • Rotavator helps the farmers to catch the season because the harvested plot can be immediately rotavated, unlike the draught implement.
  • Rotavator is not a draught implement irrespective of soil Condition, it can be worked.
  • The tilth obtained in a single pass of Rotavator is equivalent to 3 to 4 Passes of any other draught implement
  • Especially when the field is with weeds, grass or any green manure crop like sun hemp crop like maize etc. It is difficult to work with cultivator or haoorw as it gets heaped and entange led but with rotavator in single pass the plot be ready as the rotavators blades cut, bury and mix the crop residue in the soil.

Introduction: Rotavator is designed for tractors frame gear is provided but gear drive is also available. The blades can be fitted to the flanges of rotor with two bolts. Fixing the rotavator to tractor is as simple as fixing any other implement which needs no alteration of any special skills.

Specifications of Rotavator of different models are popular in India
Tractor Power 25-35 H.P. 35-50 H.P. 50-60 H.P. 60-70 H.P
Overall Width 155 cm 180 cm 205 cm 230 cm
Tillage Width 120 cm 150 cm 175 cm 200 cm
Gear Box Single/Multi Speed Single/Multi Speed Single/Multi Speed Single/Multi Speed
Side Transmiision Chain/Gear Chain/Gear Chain/Gear Chain/Gear
PTO Speed(rpm) 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
Rotor Speed (rpm) 220 220 220 220
No. Of Blades 30 36 42 48
WL. 325/360 Kg 355/390 Kg 380/415 Kg 425/465 Kg
* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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